From the Archives No. 1 – Sky High

So, I own an 8 Terabyte Segate external hard drive so I can make backups of mu computer and store files. Since it has some files that date back as far as 2014, I’ve called it “The Archive” and it has many, many old projects and files of mine, from videos and photos to old game saves.

A project from this drive that I recently rediscovered is an old Minecraft animation called “Sky High”

YouTube Mirror

The video was dated to the 10th of September, 2017 and is supposed to be comedic.

I personally do find it as such, though I also have vague memories of actually making the thing.

A summary, in case the video somehow goes down, is that Steve gets himself spawned onto the peak of what I think was a very tall, oddly shaped mountain. Probably just a random one from an amplified world. He is, of course, distraught at the thought of having to live on this peak.

The video ends there, and isn’t of the highest quality. Whenever it makes a cut from one angle to another without any animation, like a zoom or pan, it has a strange artifact that I can’t describe, except that the camera appears to be in a different angle for a single frame.

Pictured above are the frames in question. When Steve spawns, there are two frames where the face that he’s just being risen from the ground is apparent, and another where the camera is at the halfway point between the two shots, the angle shown in the bottom picture, and a close-up of Steve.

I might remake Sky High since I think I might have a better grasp of Mine-Imator, the software used to make it. I’ll keep it updated with a video link in the next post if I do come around to it.

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