Pioneer Square

July 17, 2018.

Everett, Washington

I started the day around 8AM, getting onto a Sound Transit bus in Everett en route to Seattle.

Seattle, Washington

I arrived in Seattle around 9AM. Going along the downtown streets on the second floor, front seat of that bus seen above. Nice seat, if you ever get the chance.

Seattle, Washington

The bus arrived right next to Seattle Union Station. Built in 1911 by the Milwaukee Road in order to compete with Northern Pacific and their ‘King Street Station, the clock tower of which can be seen in the background.
Union Station is now a rentable event space.

Seattle, Washington

And I naturally had to go inside and take this sadly crooked shot of the back wall of the station. Once housed passengers going east as far as Chicago.

Seattle, Washington

View of the Front wall, where I came in.

Seattle, Washington

Here’s the inside of King Street Station. I can’t see it in the back of this photo, but an Amtrak Coast Starlight was getting ready to depart when I arrived.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington

Signs describing the Renovation to King Street Station.

Seattle, Washington

The clock tower of King Street Station.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Streetcar. There are only two Streetcar lines in the city, so I’m glad one of them passed right by my route through.

Seattle, Washington

Cadillac Hotel, the building the Streetcar was in front of, as well as the building housing the Klondike Historical Park in Seattle.

Seattle, Washington

Occidental Square, which lay in near the center of Pioneer Square. It’s a nice shaded park with a few nice things to pass the time.

Seattle, Washington

A nice vine covered building in that same Occidental Square.

Seattle, Washington

And finally, Smith Tower. The most iconic building in Pioneer Square, which can be seen from the I-5.

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